Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ikea PJÄTTERYD zebra canvas gets teal highlights

I love this canvas. I have had it for 5 years because I had to have it when I came across it while wandering around Ikea with my mom. It has not even been hung on the wall before. When I bought it, I was in my red and zebra decor phase. I will find some pictures somewhere.

Found an old picture of my cat Bailey sleeping on my bed in front of the red wall
you can also see the edge of my zebra comforter on the left side.
I miss my sweet old cat. 
I do not miss the red wall. 

Here is Bailey in my red Ikea chair, which is in front of the zebra canvas and to the left of the red clock from my last post.
red chair, zebra canvas, red PS 1995 clock and some mess and cat again. 

I never actually hung the PJÄTTERYD zebra on the wall because my bedroom didn't have any walls that it fit on. it had  sloped ceiling on both sides.

Now that I have moved into a tiny cluttered apartment, it is just sitting in storage unit until we move next month.

I know what my color scheme will be, so I wanted to add something to the black and white zebra. so decided to give it highlights.


 First when i went to Michael's I found these pens that looked like Highlighter pens.. well, this color was pretty, but it didn't quite "pop" enough for my taste.

 Sorry the below is blurry. there is a close up following this one though.

Then I really went for it. I got some acrylic paint and I thinned it with some water. I used a the tip of a sponge brush to put the color on the canvas. I like the look from a distance. so on a wall it might be okay. I am known to rush things... so it looked a little sloppy. I cleaned it up with a damp paper towel right after I finished it. I really hope it wont be as easy to wipe off once it fully dries.


 I like how this looks when I stand back from it.

and then up close:

I messed up the first time with the highlighter as you may notice above. Hopefully I can either fix it, or no one will notice. 

I spent about 10 minutes on the whole thing the second time, when I actually painted it. It was very quick and easy.  I like it. I am hoping I still like it when we move to a bigger place and I actually hang it up. I will


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